Belimo Residential has the Right Zoning Solution for You.

Belimo, the trusted leader for 40 years in commercial HVAC is now available for the residential market; with a complete range of actuators, round damper assemblies and innovative pressure bypass damper control.


With the extreme temperatures, heat and humidity in the summer and subzero in the winter; homeowners need an HVAC system that is efficient and effective. Feel comfortable with a zoned HVAC system controlled by Belimo actuators and damper assemblies. The innovative pressure bypass damper control assemblies always provide the right amount of air flow for maximum comfort.

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HVAC systems with just one thermostat can cause your home to have hot and cold spots, resulting in discomfort and wasted energy. With a forced air zoned system controlled by Belimo actuators and damper assemblies, you are able to set customized temperatures and air flow for each zone in your home. Heating or cooling just the space being used provides significant energy savings.


Belimo, the commercial global market leader in the development, production and marketing of actuator solutions for HVAC systems now offers commercial quality actuators and damper assemblies for residential forced air zoning systems. Belimo’s actuator and damper assemblies provide you fast easy installation and long term reliability. All products are backed with a 5-year warranty.

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